Keem De Chenau is rising R&B/ trap soul artist based in Atlanta. Although he grew up in Harlem, New York, since moving to the ATL, he has quickly adapted to the laid back pace of the music scene.
"You can be just chillin at the studio working on a song, and Lil Baby can walk in with a box of Popeye's."

His new song "Take You There" is a collab with up-and-coming rapper, P. Fresh. It talks about Keem wishing he could do more for his main chick who is playing games while he spoils the new girl. Its some grown man ish.

"Cuz if I find another chick
Imma give you less access
while I take her cross the atlas
Yea, she gon' be a bad chick
And she gon' have that fashion
But I wish I could take you there" 

Who is your biggest musical inspiration? Why?
My biggest musical inspiration is The Dream. I went to Howard when he was coming out and he had the campus going crazy. I wanted to learn how to make a unique sound like that.

Tell me about the song, "Take You There." Whats the story behind it?
Well, you ever went through a break up and didn’t wan’t to move on? Well, before you move on you tell the person, you got one more chance lol. 

How did you link up with P. Fresh for the track? 
Fresh and I met at Howard. He was an on air radio personality and we always had a vibe when it came to the tunes. So we decided to make an album to represent the era we came from. 

Tell me about your dream music collaboration.
     I honestly have no particular preference but I want to collaborate with whoever can be real with themselves in their music. Don’t talk about stuff that ain’t you. 

Why music and not accounting or physics?
I got a D in physics, and I never took accounting so if I had to get a day job it still wouldn’t be that. 

Check out the new song below.

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