Album Review: 19 Year Old The Effex Drops a Whole Bop, 'Antares'

19 year old r&b/hip-hop artist, The Effex, has a brand new album entitled "Antares." In the pursuit of love, fame, and self discovery, he has spent the last two years self-making the 11 tracks on the project along with producer, Jupiter Waves. The end product is a dope soulful hip-hop experience that is radio and playlist ready.

My favorite song on the EP is February's Finest. It features female rapper, Drem@ Bliss who adds an extra dimension of littyness to this raw, upbeat, and gritty song. The Effex has a super clear flow. His diction, timing, and lyrics show that this song was more than a one night studio session.

Coming back from his 2019 project "Teen Love," The Effex has done a lot of growing. The Effex, is an independent artist with a unique flow and sound that vibes like a Drake and Roddy Ricch lovechild. "I’ve been creating music since 2016," explained the Fort Worth, Texas native. While there is a youthfulness about his voice, there is a maturity in his flow. 

"It's something bout your tone when you're giving me brain.."

Album standouts include Switched Up/Unforgiving, Unpredictable, and Xanny Party. But no matter what track you listen to on Antares, the album is well put together. The final song list feels like a curated playlist of carefully selected tracks that mesh well together. 

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