Artist Spotlight: Dapo -- 'King II'

Dapo is a hip hop artist from North Babylon, New York. The 20 year old rapper recently released his fifth studio project on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services. Entitled, "King II" is the second installment of his "King" album series. King II was released May 21st, 2020.

Whats your dream collab?
My dream collab with another artist would be either Kanye West, Travis Scott or J. Cole, but would love to work with Mike Dean or Dr Dre producer wise.

"People think I need them, that's bullshit

Been a man, on my own, since I was a young kid"

How did you get your start in music?
I started doing music when I used to just write and show my friends raps for fun, and they told me I was pretty good and should take it more serious, so I decided to start putting serious effort into it, and then it just took over my life, in a good way.

" Asked me if I'm gonna make it, and I said 'I'm sure' "

What appeals to you about hip hip versus other genres?
Hip hop to me feels like the rawest form of expression musically. You don't have the pressure of having an amazing singing voice, you don't have to be this crazy figure to be a hip hop artist. You just have to be able to say something in your lyrics, something that matters.

What rappers did you listen to coming up?
Coming up, I listened to a lot of J. Cole, Kanye West & OutKast with a little bit of old Eminem in the mix. Along with newer artists such as Travis Scott, Roddy Ricch & Jaden Smith.

How do you describe your sound and flow?
My sound revolves around a lot of hard 808 drum patterns, beat switches, sometimes a use of heavy autotune for a stylistic purpose & lyrics that say something & can tell a story. I also have other sounds revolving around boom bap, trap, and melodic cloud rap in former projects of mine.

"You speaking with royalty, bro, so please do not get close.."

"King II" contains 16 tracks, and from start to finish, the album is energizing and captivating. There is a clear northeastern raw vibe on the album. "King II" opens with We Rise Again which features a soulful R&B sample that grows into a rap anthem with Yeezy vibes. The dope drum beats and electronic instrumentation set the tone for this project.  Other album standouts include: Whatchu WorthChampion, and Never Touch the Crown.

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