Milo Case Drops Full-Bodied New Mixtape: Pillow Talking Weather 2

Alternative hip-hop artist, Milo Case, has masterfully crafted and composed a collection of rap ballads that reflects on his experiences playing the field after heart break. Throughout the project, entitled "Pillow Talking Weather 2" (PTW2), Milo flaunts his flow, word play, and song building technique. 

"Got two bottles of crown,
 So we double lavish.."

The Crown Royal brand ambassador is originally from Richmond, Virginia, but is now based in Washington, D.C.  He is aptly chosen to represent the brand -- PTW2's distinct and mature sound is similar the taste of the famous full-bodied Canadian whisky.  Case's flow is strong, unique, and distinct with subtle undertones of J. Cole and Ty Dolla $ign. And the 15 song project shows off the 23 year old rapper's lyrical talent.

"Been that nigga for a minute now.."

PTW2 has several standout tracks including Christian Bale and Jammies ft. Steelo Hefner, but my favorite song on the album is Drop A 30. In this song, Case lays out his heart and soul to the soft trap high-hats reflecting on studying for the GMAT, his relationship with his beloved nana, and putting in work on the romantic side.  As an artist, his newest music showcases not just his flow, but also his hustle. Mr. Case graduated from the prestigious University of Virginia, where he majored in environmental science with a concentration in renewable energy. When he’s not creating music, he’s a solar project associate for a solar development and equity firm in the nation's capital.

"My drive like Hyundai..."
And this project didn't drop out of the sky.  This is actually his fourth project to drop. Leading up to PTW2, he released "Cultivation" in 2017, "Pillow Talking Weather" in 2018,  and "Fire Lily" in 2019. Out of 40+ artists invited to perform at the Virginia Rap Showcase, Case placed 3rd -- earning him a spot to compete nationally. He also completed his Kickback Mini-Tour  in the summer of 2018 to share his music across the east coast in which he headlined Red, White, Boom II (Martha’s Vineyard’s 4th of July parade), opened for Mos Def and Talib Kweli at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, and had shows in NY, Virginia Beach, D.C., Greensboro, New Orleans, Baltimore, Charlottesville, and his hometown of Richmond, VA.

"Pillow Talking Weather 2" is released on 5.20.2020. It acts as a reflection on Case’s Netflix and Chill habits, his relationships, and his drive to be the best even outside of music. Make sure to check oy out on 
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