Artist Spotlight: Lil Niit Drops Dope Single, Sisters

Najee Martin aka Lil Niit is a 23 year old singer / rapper out of New York City. The Bronx born lyricist's new mellow trap single, "Sisters" is smooth, raw, and playlist ready.  The track stays true to Niit's reality-- talks about one night stands, smoking good gas, and staying focused on what's really important--showing no love. The song's lyrics are catchy, the beat is real chill and perfect for late night kickbacks or good rollin music. 

"I fucked her one time then told her it was nice to meet her,
Could never have my heart, She thought it was something deeper"

Lil Niit's sound isn't exactly what you'd expect out of a hip-hop artist from the boogie down borough. He leaves the grit and grunting to his rap elders and produces a youthfully fresh flow that reminds me more of cross between Wiz Khalifa and Chance the Rapper. 

How did you get started in music? Why hip-hop?
I got started cause I had always listened to music in a different way. Your craft is your identity, and so it was part of me finding my own. I really grew up on contemporary stuff, but rap seemed so much more familiar to my heritage. Nostalgic.

What role does NY play in your your music?
My summers spent there really defined a lot things in my life. It’s been more culture centered from day one up top. Even down to the slang. So ... growing up down south, I was able to show people how it was and how to vibe with it and they take to it.

What's your dream collab?
My dream collab is with Pi'erre Bourne beat AND verse. He’s a young goat fr. Kanye type influence in music. I think we exactly alike too. He a Virgo and I am too. NY native down South. A lot of people don’t do what he did where I’m from. He’s a legend. I got some features with some his SossHouse boys but nothing with him...yet. 

Listen to Lil Niit's single, "Sisters" on Spotify  and follow him on IG @Lil_Niit...


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