ALBUM REVIEW: v!n$ynT -- 'Social Vandalism'

v!n$ynT is a lyrical enigma who has impacted lives across the globe through lyrical prowess and ingenious delivery. Born Vincent Settles, and raised in the crime riddled N.E, Washington DC area, v!n$ynT had to adapt and learn what he describes as survival skills. This included getting a higher education and immersing himself in the music and finding a voice with which his apparent talents could be harnessed and used to maximum potential.

He began his career as Denard DaPoet and changed it to his long standing alias Vin-O in 2016 and released 4 singles, Paranoid, R.I.S.E, Summertime n da City and Contridictions, Pt.2 as well as a full length 22-track album entitled "Truths, Understanding, Poetry and Culture".

In 2020 he felt the need to evolve his brand.  He changed his stage name to v!n$ynT and dropped 4 more singles entitled Prolifik Thoughts, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, Want Smoke? and Elevate to Levitate as well as a full length album entitled "Social Vandalism".

"Social Vandalism" in all, contains 14 dope tracks. The album is like a published and curated diary of the thoughts and feelings of v!n$ynT. The samples, his flow, and creative beat choices showcase his uniqueness and creativity as an artist. Prolifik Thoughts is an emotional testimony of how v!n$ynT came up and is still fighting for survival and rapping about freeing your mind from "our oppressors." 

One of the album's hidden gems is a freestyle track about Juneteenth entitled June 19th. He's talking about the patterns of behaviors and vestiges of slavery still present in his community "one of ours, five of yours, just the way that we was raised."

Elivate to Levitate reflects on v!n$ynT's beginnings as a poet and some of the resistance he faced. Now a seasoned lyricist, he's spitting about "a light that shined so bright that manifested the darkness," and how this country is full of shit. The song also references the current events like the BLM movement, system racism, and the coronavirus pandemic. 

"Started fuckin' with music as a outlet, I need to start making some waves..."

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Despite the evident metamorphosis as a brand, the core values of what makes up v!n$ynT's music haven’t changed. He draws from his rough upbringing and a life where incarceration and crime among many other vices are common place. It is those raw experiences and the ability to articulate thoughts and emotions that allow him to make music that is not only authentic, but grounded in reality and honesty. 

v!n$ynT’s music is a versatile look into his life chronicles.

v!n$ynT draws from several musical influences but always remains original and true to himself and the message that he conveys in his music. He takes solace in his music, with a focus on addressing issues that bridge the gap between all social and economic classes of people as well as all ethnic groups. Through his lyrics and undeniable flows, v!n$ynT addresses a variety of topics ranging from such subjects as the streets, partying and socially mindful topics that enlighten the masses and provoke thoughts and emotion and results in a reflective listening experience.

v!n$ynT also used to work with Chucky Thompson as a part of Black Diamond record label. The lessons he learned from this legend in the music industry gave him the knowhow and experience he needed to be able to release music independently.

Under his own imprint, Wealth4ward MEDIA, v!n$ynT continues to grow his repertoire as an entrepreneur and a musician.  As a rapper, he is versatile-- and while you can hear musical influences from Kanye West to Wale, he stands on his own two feet. And while there have been some DC area MCs to pop off like GoldLink, Shy Glizzy, and Logic, the DMV could be in the spotlight again if "Social Vandalism" gets the right ears buzzin.

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