Artist Spotlight: C.E.N. -- Restless

C.E.N. is a 33 year old rapper whose new project, "Restless", is a 13 track hip hop music album released in 2019. Originally from Oklahoma, but now calling Dallas, Texas home, the talented artist has released a special musical experience.

Restless has "can't stop won't stop" feel. Many of the tracks have a classic hip hop feel. C.E.N.'s message is positive, uplifting, and makes references to today's struggles. His lyrics are meaningful and easy to comprehend and his music is light on the ears and deep on the spirit. Give his album a listen: 

One of my favorite's of "Restless" is Lil Angel. Its raw, sexual, and relatable. The beat is sick and C.E.N.'s flow shows off his control as a lyricist.

"I keep it simple for the simple minded."

So, how did you get started rapping?
I honestly started playing with rap around 13 just and overtime it just grew to what it is.

Who would you consider your top 5?
Nipsey Hussle
Joe Budden

Whats your dream collab?

It honestly was with Nipsey Hussle.

What role does your environment/upbringing play in your music?
Growing up In a small town Music was my everything my escape to the what could me. The bigger and better

"I shine bright just like I was the moon"

How would you describe your sound? What makes it unique?
My sound is motivation yet introspective. There’s no cap with me what u get is what you get. My music is unique because no one can tell my journey better than me.

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