Artist Spotlight: ChainedTrack The Dark Prince

This week, I wanna introduce you to Daemon Bodu, an 18 year old rapper from Virginia Beach. He goes by aliases-- ChainedTrack, The Dark Prince, and ChainedTrack The Dark Prince-- which is also the title of his self-titled dark, raw, rude, and unapologetic mixtape. 

"Im not into lovin, thats not where I wanna be"

You either love his music or you hate it --and him. We at The Weekly Beat think its DEFINITELY worth streaming. A few quick notes-- it is not kind to ladies--but honestly, most rappers aren't. It is a dope caption of who this rising rapper truly is. 

"Humans aren't loyal to anything... But I fuck with her."

ChainedTrack The Dark Prince is an eye opening project --self reflecting and a progression from his earlier releases.  It explores sex, not loving but fucking with bitches,  his relationship with mother, his rough upbringing, drugs, suicidal thoughts and so much more. Isolated for expressing thoughts unapologetically all his life,  he grew to not care what people know about him. 

"I rather people judge me for my real story than what they hear from other people so I have no problem publicizing music that includes stories I’m insecure about."

How did you get started in music? 
I started making music in 8th grade. I had moved from New York to Virginia to be with my dad because he just came back from the ship (Navy). I did not like being in a place where I was an unknown, and I wanted to do something to get my name out -- and music interested me.

"My main goal in making music is to attract listeners who relate to them so I can build a community of people I can relate too because there is no one I relate to around me."

But why hip-hop?
The first artist I’ve ever really connected with was J Cole. So, from there, I’ve found more and more hip hop artists to listen too. You can see in my older music as I found more corners of hip hop my own artistry expanded, I started from boom bap to experimental as making music went from less about the result, and slowly turned into something I went to in order to express myself. Instead of just making songs, my music started to become a pure reflection of me.

What makes you so vocal and unapologetic?
My boldness stems from how people would treat me for expressing my thoughts. I used to be a devoted Christian --due to being born into it. My dad was really strict when it came to me not doing things that followed the Christian faith so I started to question it myself. As I did this, people started to call me a “devil worshipper." They demonized me for having my own thoughts. Since that happened, I embraced the image they put on me and have found comfort in it, simply because all of the thoughts I used to be scared of sharing is expected from me now. They called me evil, so at that point, I had nothing to lose!

"I don't give a fuck how another nigga sees me"

What role does your environment play in your your music?
I grew up in an environment where I was never a priority. I was the shoulder people would cry on, but when I was going through things nobody was ever there. I saw how people who put themselves first were more valued than those who put others before them. This and the answer I just said for the previous question made me stop caring about who was in my presence. I just wanted to be happy. I’ve gained an unmeasurable amount of confidence embracing the evil image they put on me.

What's your dream collab?

My dream collab? I don’t really have one. I would really like to make a collaboration tape with J Cole, but I wouldn’t necessary call it a dream. If I blow up and J Cole doesn’t appreciate my message and wants nothing to do with me, I wouldn’t be affected much. 

I find myself not relating to the big names in the music industry, so I just listen to my own music for the most part. I’ve never been the type to look at celebrities as better than me in any way.

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