Artist Spotlight: Yoshi the Cat in the Hat

The Dr. Seuss of raps has really been going places. From Cincinnati to Atlanta, YoS#! (Yoshi) has been in the rap game for little while now, but he's already has the rap streets buzzing. Born Christopher Jackson, in Cincinnati, Ohio, the rapper is currently navigating his way through Atlanta’s underground scene. The multifaceted entertainer, also known as the ‘Cat in the Hat That Can Rap’, is taking his infectious stage presence from State to State, keeping his signature top hat by his side. 

Yoshi is a stand out amongst Atlanta’s rising acts with his unique twist on the typical “trap” music often found there. "BREAD & CABESA" which also features Chinaman & DRW is a sick track with a little sample and tribute to the latin classic "La Bomba." The song is  bonafide BANGA! It definitely has a viral quality and needs a tiktok twerking dance challenge promotion behind it. I can also see this being pushed in Atlanta and Miami strip clubs.  They're already off to a good start.. Just look up #YOSHICREWCHALLENGE

"And then get more bread and then get some head"

His other song, "All Eye Know", has a sexy trap beat, a polished and compressed vocal quality. He raps about the poverty, the struggle, and the quick rise --"this is all that I know." He's in his own lane, and his song is very original. Some other songs you should check out are Yoshi the Cat in the Hat ft Chinaman & DRW

"I used to have holes in my sneakers"

His single, “Fuck Arounds,” has topped underground hip hop music charts for months, making it a hit in the Indie music world. Bossip  Magazine wrote an article about him calling him The Bizarro Trap Hero because of his unique style ( Also known as The Cat in the Hat who can Rap, Yoshi wears a top hat, two different shoes, and two watches and his rap style ranges, giving each song, each performance a different vibe. He even took part in the Guinness World Record the (24 hour cypher) event at A3C ( ). He was also the number one ranked artist of A3C17 -- receiving more likes then Nas via A3C app ( ). 

Y0$#! has opened up for the Migos, 2 Chainz, Da Baby, Jadakiss and Sean Paul.  That fired up energy that his music conjures up further validates his role in this ever changing hip hop era. Stream his new song and follow his rise on social media platforms -- 

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