Album Review: Afternoon Becomes 'Noon'

R&B/ Soul artist Afternoon is moving full steam ahead. Last month, he released a new album, that's turning the clock back.  The project, entitled "Noon", is a collection of  nine dope, soulful songs, each with a unique theme and message for the Hip-Hop community.   

The young lyricist was born in Atlanta but raised in Buffalo NY. And both the 716 and 404 come alive in his music. His sound is much like the artist himself--authentic and rugged. He gives off what he's feeling-- no cap.

His progressive, masculine vocal quality, leaves his song an extra edge of vulnerability that, luckily, has not be synthesized and compressed away. The lyrics of his songs are profound and the trap influenced beats, give his music a current sense of urgency about it. Its here in the moment; so listen. 

"Beautiful girl,
I'm not tryna waste time
Call me and just FaceTime.."

You can listen to the new album here:

And check out Afternoon on his socials:

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