Gak Drops Dope Double Single --'Tony Stark/Iron Man'

Gak is an emcee who hit the ground running the minute he decided he wanted to create music. Born in California and now living in Texas,  he's spent a good portion of his life studying up on everything from psychedelic rock to funk, from hardcore rap to independent/underground hip-hop. His latest release is a two song project entitled "Tony Stark/Iron Man". The tracks appear to be linked together to show a metamorphosis and transformation. 

Take a listen: 

Listening, I felt I was in the middle of a superhero's anthem. Gak raps us through a post-apocalyptic world. This rapper's music is not only inspirational and uplifting, but its informative -- bringing up important issues like mental health, activism, suicide, religion, and perseverance.

"I cant give him comfort cuz I'm draped inside my mind."

You can feel the struggle inside of the artist's lyrics and his flow. The studying and grinding Gak has done is reflected in the music, and as he continues to grow, the Texas standout has stretched his arms. Not just into performing all over the country, doing Festivals, but he’s also stepped into the realm of event curation himself. Gak brings his own taste and fervor to the game that demands your ears and respect.

Gak brings a variety to the art, introspective and serious at times, Gak is still able to bring tracks to the party too. Since these releases, Gak continues to evolve and refine his delivery and show the world what he brings to the table. With two projects under his belt and a number of singles, Gak has been covered by Dead End Hip Hop and The Art Factory. Since his artistic inception, Gak has performed multiple SXSW shows, put in work in the Texas show circuit and even took his talents to LA last year.

So last year you were performing in TX, LA.. With the pandemic, how have you used this year to move your music forward in lieu of live performances?
This year I’ve spent most of my time finishing up my album I’m about to drop and focusing learning more about the promotional and business side of the game. I’ve also used this time to really work on branding and building a team around me so we can really start eating off this.

What artists would you say have inspired your sound & style?

I’d say Biggie, Pac, 3 stacks, Cudi, Kendrick, Cole, Kanye and Jay-Z have inspired my style the most as far as hip hop goes. But outside of hip hop I’d say Rick James, John Lennon, and Pink Floyd.

What is your dream collab?

Mannn that’s tough...🤔 but my dream collab would probably be Tame Impala or Dr. Dre.

What would you be doing if you could no longer do music?

If I couldn’t do music anymore, I would either get into acting and/or do different things within the writing field. I can definitely see myself writing some books. I can even see myself being some kind of professor too.

Gak plans to enter the new decade running as he’s currently working on new singles and music videos. The Texas hero also plans to drop his big release, a project called “Welcome To Forever” later this Fall.

You can learn more about this very talented artist, stream his music, watch his videos, and engage with social platforms at the links below...

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