Hip-Hop Group, Boyfrnd Drops New Album -- Not Your Boyfriend

Boyfrnd is a uniquely positioned music group that consists of three artists: Cheat Code DeBarge, Spooky, and Halo. "We all rap, we all sing, and between the three of us we play guitar, bass, saxophone, and piano," explains Boyfrnd member, Cheat Code DeBarge, a Milwaukee, WI  native who is currently living in Las Vegas.  Spooky and Halo are from Athens, GA. The group just dropped a new album entitled “Not Your Boyfriend”.

"Not Your Boyfriend" is confusingly engaging. The album shows that between the three talented rapper/singer/musicians, they have a handle on several genres of music, and a curated affection to hip-hop. Take a listen to the album here:  https://linktr.ee/boyfrnd

On NYB I felt like I was listening to Super Mario Bros: Hip Hop Edition. Alongside the dope beat, the lyrics were explicitly appealing--"I can't be your boyfriend, but I'll fuck you till you git one." Wingman is another cool track. It has a Nas vibe, and has a classic rap vibe. 

Boyfrnd also shows off some late 90s'early 2000s R&B vibes in Not Religious.  The song is a nice addition to your late night Netflix & Chill playlist...with mellow vocals and adult lyrics --"between the sheets you come in on time." 

Boyfrnd definitely has a lot to offer. Slide has an original feel. Its raw, real, and racy. "Imma hit from the back and then nut on your cheeks." This is good kickback music.   

So, Cheat Code DeBarge, who is self-described as "one third of Boyfrnd" helped us answer some questions about the hip-hop trio that I'm sure we all wanted to know....

How did you guys come together as a group? Why?
I met Spooky in 2017 in Basic Training for the US Army. In Basic, you don’t have any access to music (or anything fun really) so we sang and wrote songs together to pass the time. Spooky and Halo are both from Georgia (Athens and Elberton respectively) and have been good friends for years. Spooky introduced the two of us and we’ve all been working together ever since. 

Who were some of your musical influences coming up?

The biggest musical influences for me are Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson. They definitely made the soundtrack to my childhood. Spooky would say Pharrell, Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, and Drake. Halo is heavily influenced by Big Krit, J Cole, and Chris Brown.

What are your ages?

I’m 31, Spooky is 25, and Halo is 28.

Who is your dream collab? If you guys could do a collab with another artist or group, who would it be?
Personally, my dream collab would be Childish Gambino or Andre 3000. I feel like I could learn a lot from either of them! I know Spooky and Halo both really want to work with Summer Walker and Drake.

How would you describe Boyfrnd's sound?

I would describe Boyfrnd’s sound as versatile; we pride ourselves on always being honest, direct, raw, and emotional on tracks. Sometimes that translates to smooth clever raps over jazz samples and sometimes it involves us harmonizing about not wanting to pull out. Either way I think people are drawn to it because you can tell it’s coming from a place of honesty. Basically if you mix together A Tribe Called Quest with Pretty Ricky and add sprinkle a little 2 Live Crew on top...that’s us.

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Cheat Code DeBarge is on IG @The_Last_DeBarge and Twitter @TheLastDeBarge
Spooky is on IG @SpookyBoyfrnd
Halo is on IG @__.quasimodo

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