King's Potion's New Project is "Out the Gate"

"Out the Gate" is the newest project by Hip-Hop/Neo-Soul duo, King's Potion. Their music can be described as a versatile blend of upbeat hip hop, R&B, with jazz-inspired, bass-centric chord progressions and movements. Their lyrics, accompanied by avant garde vocal melodies and polyrhythms, are often thought-provoking yet lively accounts on personal experiences. 

"You niggas talk about money; I'm tryna make it a surname"

The EP is 24 minutes of pure dopeness. Lyrically, musically and vocally, the duo bring out the best qualities of each other and the genre. While all of the songs can stand on their own feet, my faves are Black in Gold--perhaps because of the steel drums in the background, Yosemite, and Out the Gate. King's Potion's music is just the right blend of soul and rap-- its like the lovechild of Frank Ocean, J.Cole, Lupe Fiasco and Musiq Soulchild. Attention all playlist curators: drink this potion!

The duo is comprised of two complementary yet different artists: Alex (ALX) and Delante; both from "east of the river" DC, the two have been making music together since middle school.  Now ALX is 27 and Delonte is 26, and they finally made the endeavor official in 2019. 

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How did you guys get your started rapping?

Delonte: I started rapping because I think rapping gives an additional layer to expressing yourself; it gives me a way to voice my opinion in creative ways.
Alx: It was an outlet for my pain for me; 
I experienced a lot of trauma as a child and I needed some way to make that a win. I needed to win not just through the pain, but by using it. I felt like it could be directed toward something positive that could possibly help someone else.

This is to each of you--What artists most inspire you? What is your dream collab?
Delonte: Pharrell, Timbaland but Pharrell by a landslide.  Anderson .Paak would be my dream collab.
Alx: Michael Jackson, Eminem, and Lupe Fiasco. 
My dream collab is Lupe, I feel like he would make me want to tap into another part of my brain.

Soooo...King's Potion? How did ya'll come up with this name? 
It was originally Health Potion because a lot of our writing came from topics like depression and mental illness, but we ended up going with King’s Potion because that’s who we are and that’s what you’re getting from us when you tap in.

"It hurts when you give up.."

There aren't many duos in hip hop. Why perform together instead of as two separate artists?
We feel like music is best experienced through collaboration as long as there is humility and openness. Ideally, you also get a lot of flavors that you might not get from just one person, the same goes for the perspective and experiences in the music as well. Our differences make us approach the music differently. A second opinion can sometimes make or break a track. Beyond that, we had a respect for each other as separate artists that allowed us to come together as a unit but still let each other just do our respectful things.

Fam, lets go run their numbers up. Here's the Spotify link to "Out the Gate"

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