REVIEW: TopTier's New Single -- "Come Thru"

TopTier is a black & white hip hop duo. Consisting of rapper IgnoVa and singer MC, the Top 40 musical outfit brings next level (NXTLVL) music to ears everywhere. ​Embodying their NXTLVL mantra, TopTier has performed throughout the NYC metro area. 

"I told ya hoe come thru, cuz I'm in the mood"

TopTier's latest single, "Come Thru", is a banger. It's a late night creeper's anthem. The catchy chorus, poppin rap verse, and smooth vocals make the song s perfect candidate for a curated Spotify playlist -- MC's voice is a cross between Jason DeRulo and Austin Mahone -- and its  complemented by dope lyrics and IgnoVa's solid rap flow.  It's no wonder why the single has already received thousands of views on YouTube, and is drawing praise from audiences around the globe. ​

You can listen to the track right here:

"Black label got you dreamin bout the galaxy"

With new videos in production, this innovative music group is gaining fans rapidly, moving their catchy trap-inspired pop sound to the forefront of the contemporary rap and R&B music scenes.

The track is definitely worth a listen.  If you wanna stream or follow TopTier, use the links below ...

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