Savior of Sound Drops Dope Single -- 'Humble Me' [VIDEO]

Atlanta based artist, Savior of Sound, has released a new song entitled "Humble Me". From the soulful samples to Savior's lit lyrics --"these people need to listen to my written inhibition," the track showcases his creativity and potential as an artist.  Check out the video below.

Had these haters lookin' at me
Like I was a fuckin' rookie

So, who is this muthaf*cka and where tf did he come from? 
The S.O.S aka (The Savior Of Sound) is a southern rapper/singer based out of Gwinnett, and Barrow county-- just north of Atlanta. 

The S.O.S began recording music at the age of 19 even though he's studying the rap game since he was 5 years old. His versatility and ability to change his flow as well as his pitch at any given moment is unparalleled to typical artists. The words of this track are pretty typical of his music. You  should expect to hear raw, real, and aggressive lyrical content in most of his music, but showing his softer side with his complex love life that he showcases occasionally.

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