Album Review: Last Cabal -- Vol.1

Last Cabal is a hip hop band from NJ/NJ which contains members Darryl Watson (emcee) , Mark Thomas (sax) which aims to push hip hop in different ways. While the sounds are progressive, and the lyrical content is timely, Watson's obtuse delivery, recognizably northern accent, and controlled flow gives Last Cabal's music a classic rap feel. 

"I ain't tryna meet your maker unless your mama's in Jamaica.." 

The band's album "Vol.1", contains 16 tracks of sick beats, unexpected instrumentation, and bars galore. Take a listen here:

Lamb's Wuhl is a narrative story of a young black man with dreams, the struggles of the influential street life. From immature mothers, unprotected sex, drug abuse, infatuation with material things, and crime by desperation, this track brings up a number of issues. For this, it is my favorite song on "Vol.1".

"You shoulda seen the sparks fly,
As the body hit the ground.
Not a sound.." 

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