Artist Spotlight: J.Pipes

J.Pipes is an independent hip-hop artist with a raspy, rich, and raw vocal quality. His soulful and progressive sound has subtle influences of his upbringing. Born in Coushatta, Louisiana but raised in Castor, its no big surprise that his delivery has a jazzy sensibility. 

In his single, 4:30am, J.Pipes inspires his listeners to motivate others to stand up for what they believe in and to stand for something. The track was also created to replace injustice with “justice”.

"I cant take it no more.. the way this world is going."

The indie artist loves good, powerful music.  "My inspiration for music comes from the creator of all life, Marvin Gaye, Sam Cook Tupac Shakur, Prince Roger Nelson, and James Brown." He explains. "My love for music is like the sun that will never stop shining."

Take a listen to 4:30am below....

J.Pipes really created a masterpiece with this song, which contains some dope  and timely samples from Malcom X's 1963 speech, "Message to the Grass Roots". With all of the racial and political turmoil stirring in 2020, 4:30am is right on time.  Like Marvin Gaye's What's Going On, Pipe's track has a political message. "My single 4:30am was written by me and the person who motivated me... her name is Avia Spivey, she’s a great motivator."

I asked him about his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement.... Here's what he had to say:

I think everyone should ask these questions.


Do “BLACK LIVES MATTER” when it comes to black people killing another black person??

Do “BLACK LIVES MATTER” to black people?? and if so “HOW”

Do “BLACK LIVES MATTER” to black people anywhere on the planet anytime??

Do “BLACK PEOPLE” go around looking for other BLACK PEOPLE to do something hostile to??

According to some people a person has to “LIKE” a person in order to “MATTER”
So what is it to LIKE? 


Does “ANYBODY'S LIFE MATTER” and for what reasons??

What makes a person “LIFE” matter??

A person that’s black that killed 4 people... Does his “LIFE MATTER”??
The question is “DO BLACK LIVES MATTER??”  

J.Pipes' lyrics and opinions gave me much food for thought. How are you making your mark in the world? Because his music is definitely helping him make his.


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