Artist Spotlight: Musa -- Find Your Religion

Musa is a multifaceted forced in the music industry. He wears many hats --executive producer, businessman, songwriter/artist, and engineer, with high profile music credits-- Rubi Rose, AC, Yo Gotti, Yk Osiris, Kee Riches, LilRJ.  He has been engineering since he was a teenager... "I've always been good with computers and around music. "I've always been producer first, but I've only been a serious artist for about 2 years now," he explains.

Born in Inglewood, California, the twenty something year old is moving like a boss.  I've spent a lot of time managing my production team, investing in stocks and real estate, and running my studio,  so the artistry has taken a backseat as far as marketing and actually pushing my music" explained Musa. I started taking it seriously after spending time at 1500 or Nothin’ collective. 

Having found time to roll out his own red carpet, Musa dropped a dope mixtape called "Find Your Religion". Its the first installment of a mixtape series he made within these last two years. "I barely advertised it because it was recorded in my closet on a USB microphone." He's currently working on a future full-length studio album, "The God Plan". 

His 17 track mixtape has racked up over 100K plays on Soundcloud. Standouts for me include Money Over Family, Maybach Doors (Freestyle), and Gotta Be (Feat. GO & Chim).

"Nigga built like Sony,
Ghetto future in the tech world,
Worry bout my next milli
Not my next girl..."

His flow structure  and verse reverence is like an early Rakim. His tone and articulation rings Drake, but his content is unapologetically all Musa. "I also have different goals than some rappers may have, I want my music to inspire those that come from my background and lifestyle to know that they don't have to feel guilty for wanting more. I've never been on accolades or fame." 


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