Alt Rap Group, The Organization Drops "Tro"

Norweigan alternative rap group,  The Organization started in 2008 when Andre Myhren (Harmony Drive, Bulk) and Richard Brummond met in Weed, California at mega-producer Sylvia Massey’s recording studio, “Radio Star Studios”. Andre was working on his band’s debut metal album (Bulk – “Guardian”) and teamed up with Richard and Sylvia (both Grammy-nominated recording engineers/producers) while forging a life-lasting musical brotherhood with Richard in the process. When Richard moved from the U.S. to Norway in 2017, it was only a matter of time before Andre would once again enter into the picture to start a new creative musical journey for them both.

While Andre and Richard focused on creating music that represented all of the things they loved about the music they enjoyed, it quickly became apparent that they would need a voice to bring the emotion of their music to life. Enter Kenneth Engebretsen; a well-known Norwegian hip-hop beat poet who can deliver the emotional performance of the music perhaps better than anyone and who always has something to prove in his lyrical styling and message. Now, The Organization was formed.

From there, The Organization enlisted the genius drumming talents of Tomas Pettersen (Ulver, Paperboys, Martin Hagfors) to round out the rhythm section fully, and The Organization’s first single “Tro” was born. 

"Tro" is a dope eclection of the band's talents and skillset. Musically, it is hip hop, stylistically, the flow is classic, and the vibe is  sick acoustic sound with heavy hitting rhythm.  I first fell in love with foreign language hip hop after stumbling upon a underground cypher and open mic while living in Paris. 

While most of my readers are not well versed in Norwegian, their ears are keen to a good flow. They verse construction is solid, so I can approve "Tro" without understanding a single word.  And that is the signature of good music. 


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