Artist Spotlight: Heather Fay -- 'Sensual'

Speak to anyone who knows this beautiful Pop/R&B singer, and they all say the same thing: Heather Fay is the next big star.  And confirming this is her latest project entitled, "Sensual".  The song features her electrifying vocals, a dope beat, and some sick lyrics. 

"Sensual" is about Heather Fay in her hottest version, and those who loved her in 'The One' will love her even more. The wait is finally over for all Heather Fay fans, as her new project 'Sensual' is now out.  Born in Pekin, Illinois and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Fay showed a strong affinity for all things music at a young age. She taught herself to play the piano at the age of nine and began to write music by the third grade. She turned her love for writing poetry into skillful songwriting and eventually inked a deal as the newest signee under Bungalo Records, Universal Music Group Dist.

After being paired with Grammy Award winning writers and producers, Fay began to develop her catalogue where she stored her new single, “The One” (available on all platforms). “The One” has created an undisputable lane for Heather in the music industry and is climbing up the charts as we speak. Racking in overwhelming support from critics worldwide, this single proves to be the first to come of many Heather Fay hits.

Fay's strong work ethic is supported by an impressive four-octave vocal range. Her musical influences are diverse and defy easy definition; she grew up immersed in music from Mariah Carey to Christina Aguilera, and Beyonce to Alicia Keys. Heather Fay's songs are powerful because she harnesses the energy of that diversity and gives them her own touch. The result is a unique combination of smooth, soaring vocals and lyrics that truly speak a generation.

"What you you doing?
What, you thought this was a game?"

The tracks can be previewed, downloaded, and purchased from all major music streaming platforms. Listen here:

With "Sensual" there is no denying that Heather Fay has got her fans swooning to her music as much as her figure. 

In her previous act, Heather Fay shot to fame with "The One" which ranked #1 on the Euro Indie Charts, and the R&B chartbuster maintained the seventh place on their annual chart. Fay thanks her fans and her stars for bringing her this far. Her debut single saw her getting paired with Grammy-award winning writers and producers, Tony Haynes and the late Lloyd Tolbert, and since then she has been the artist to watch out for. The day is not far when Fay will rank alongside the big names. 

"Sensual" is made even more special in that it is all written and produced by Heather Fay. Her four-octave vocal range will be on full display, and her amazing screen presence that wowed the viewers in her last music video for 'The One'.


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