Aveli Amun Drops Debut EP Project: "First 6"

Yesterday, I listened to a new song by poet/rapper, Aveli Amun entitled Populace Leaders. When Aveli delivers his powerful lyrics, rapping about "third world problems in a first world nation", he speaks not from a personal perspective, but from a collective consciousness. Amun says, "this speech has risen to counter the continuous manipulation of the masses."

Check out the debut visual:

As original as it is, Populace Leaders is just one of six songs included on Aveli Amun's creative and courageous introductory EP, literally called "First 6". 

Other tracks on the "First 6" include Hold the Line,  How Mushrooms Grow, Your Feed, Living Wage, and  SCOTUS. The project is definitely timely, and this year's unprecedentedly historical, political, and social references.  You can stream the whole project here: www.aveliamun.com 

Living Wage is another standout track. Its message is so simple. I mean, are folks are literally asking for is a chance to live. A man/woman/human that works should be able to eat and live, right? His spoken word in the song touches on healthcare for all, affordable housing, and a true living wage. 

"And don't worry bout them badges
Wit they lil smoke grenade flashes
They work for us too
No need to run; stand tall"

His music has meaning and purpose. As we're living in a world where our brains are being inundated by fiction masked as facts, Amun stands up the norm and says, "facts lead to truth, truth leads to freedom."

That's the guiding principle of Aveli Amun: Wrap facts in raps, let those facts guide the people to their truth, may that truth set them free.

Anonymity is foundational. There may be a time when it's decided in order to amplify the messaging of Aveli Amun, personal anonymity must be sacrificed. That day is not today.

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