Emerging Hip Hop Spotlight: Soche -- Drops New EP, 'Loose Fiction'

Soche is a DOPE emerging hip hop artist with the barz, musicality, and life experiences to put herself on the map. She just dropped her new project, entitled "Loose Fiction". Its filled with well-produced and curated selections that capture her raw, relatable lyricism in a hard hitting, galactic environment.  You should definitely check it out. 

A rapper and producer, she was born in Canada, but by high school, found herself living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Isolated on the other side of the world, days and nights were spent making beats, writing and recording, taking her off on a passion for music that only grew stronger.  Upon returning to Toronto, the music took a backseat 😞 to film producing,  which ultimately led to a move to the Los Angeles adjacent Orange County area (Yes, that OC).

"You know me, I'm low-key in the OC..."

But her passion for music never left. As she spits in the track, Scheme On, “woke up, it was not enough". The grind picked up where it had left off.

In Tiptoes, Soche green-light's the depth of her musical abilities, showcasing her emcee and singing skills on a truly out of this world beat. "You don't know me, no, no."

"Careful, but I'm not slow."

In her music, I can feel vibes of Frank Ocean and fellow Canadian, Drake. Soche's passion for beat making and the dance music heavy culture she grew up in influence her international sound.  Her brand new EP, "Loose Fiction", tells the story through 8 tracks. My favorite, Rich Quick infuses that dance music feel with trap music, resulting in a sick sounding club banger that will have 'em twerking.... "quick, quick, quick, quick, quick." This vibe slides into Cruise Control/ Stay Awake, "When I get there, you better make it worth it." / "I'm just tryna stay awake." On the track, Vocabulary, her producer skills take centerstage. This song has addictive beat that put me in a trance as she repeats,  "Its gonna be, only me."

"I only need myself to get paid"

Out of Your Shell has a slightly different vibe. Its more like a popp-ish trap soul. The lyrics are all her, "I wanna get you outta your shell." And Soche's  vocals glide over self-produced beats, drifting in and out of ranges high and low.  There is such versatility in her EP.  Secluded has an international, electronic feel. It's a fun song that is just a short chapter in the "Loose Fiction" story."You can bring your friends, but tonight is all bout us." Her music is an eclectic palette that has something for everyone.

"I'm all in, all in now"

Soche’s EP is out on all platforms.. Stream it here: 


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