Enough is Enough-- Singer Alex Genadinik Drops New Song "Magic Dandelion' to Stop Gun Violence and End Mass Shootings

Singer songwriter, Alex Genadinik, just dropped an emotionally moving original song called "Magic Dandelion". It was inspired by all the mass shootings gun violence. Alex hopes that after listening to the song, we might be a little more kind to each other. And I can definitely back up that sentiment. Folks, with everything else going on in the world like airborne viruses, do we really need to worry about getting shot up in a movie theater?
Genadinik says, "Many people debate whether the issue is guns or whether the issue is something else like isolation, neglect, or loneliness. When you look at the lives of people who resort to violence and mass shootings, there is usually some frustration and neglect from society, which turns into anger and finds outlets in violence or has the person joining bad groups online."

Check out the music video below and then let me know what you think...

Alex believes the solution was to suggest that many people wouldn't become frustrated and turn to mass shootings and gun violence if our society had more love and people were not so distant from each other.

In these divisive and scary times, we can all use a little more socially distanced love. You can check out more from Alex Genadinik at the links below:


And Alex also runs an online store selling social tshirts.

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