Must Stream: Terry Blade's New Single --"Black Hurts"

Terry Blade is an award-winning Chicago-based singer-songwriter. He is known for using his rich, thick and soul-filled voice to explore an artistic sound that fuses  the best parts of soul, r&b, jazz and blues with indie and folk influences--what Terry defines as "Black Postmodern Folk Music." His new single, "Black Hurts" is as revealing as the title suggests.

"Black Hurts" is an emotional and sobering reminder of the struggles Terry Blade faces being black in America. His soulful voice reveals the "hurt" as the lyrics perfectly describe the experience. All this bottled up in a three and a half minute melodic journey that you can stream for yourself. Because although my words are illustrative, Terry Blade's song is instructive on his burden. 

Listen to it here:

"Just being black is a burden, is a burden,

Its something to attack, you're not a person, not a person..."

If you're interested in exploring more of Terry Blade's music, you can follow him on Twitter @TerryBladeMusic


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