Real Easy is Out to Make Ireland's Rap Scene Poppin'

Real Easy is an independent rap artist blowing up the hip-hop scene across the pond. The Irish rapper recently dropped his third single, "Mosh Pit" which is off his 11 song album entitled Childhood Adventures. Check out! the video below:

"Headphones in, its time to relax"

Real Easy's flow is clean, relaxed, and his lyrics are witty. He raps what he knows and leaves the gangsta shit to those who live that life. His authenticity speaks volumes, and his album is already turning up.  His Irish accent makes me biased. I love international rappers, but  check the boy out;  I'm sure you'll add at least one of his tracks to your playlist.

Behind the mic, he's spittin' straight barz, but when I asked him abut himself, his humility and meagerness kicks in. Intriguingly, although I asked the questions, his words still leave me wanting to know more...

Bro, how did you get started rapping?
I have a cousin in London who raps ...

Who are some of your musical influences?
Travis Scott and Machine Gun Kelly

What do you draw on for your lyrical content?
I show off lyrical ability with punchline etc...

Dream Collab?
Travis Scott

"Now I do it proper, I ain't even tryna be correct"

And check the kid out on Twitter as well: @RealEasy00


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