Shelly Nova Is Diving In a "Wave of Wonders'

Soul/pop artist,  Shelly Nova is drumming up all kinds of vibes with her music. The 23 year year old hails from Sydney, Australia but is making waves that are borderless with her new album, "Wave of Wonders".  With her smoky, soulful voice and dope lyrics, she's telling her story on her terms and introducing listeners to her world.

Nova's new project, was put together by her management, Caviar Industries, and also features Nikki Njoku, Bizza, Pearl Morris, and Kenny Cashmere.  

One of the standouts of the album is Hurricane feat. Bizza. The track has a slight dance/electro-hip hop feel complemented by Shelly Nova's sexy looping vocals and rap feature by Bizza. His polished flow and lyrics give the song a sick edge, "foreign transactions, cant be home for your satisfaction.... nights in Virginia, days in Kenya."

Shelly Nova has a unique sound and smooth vocals.  She credits Neyo, Mary J. Blige, and  Beyonce as inspiration. She showcases her songwriting skills well on the title track, Wave of Wonders.  "You can be our priest, yes Lord, lets fly away..."

The album feels light and refreshing, but you walk away having listened to something meaningful. Shelly took me into her world, and I am all the better for it. From soul, pop, to hip-hop, "Wave of Wonders" has something in there that ticks that button. 

You can stream the whole album on Spotify 

To learn more about Shelly Nova and Caviar Industries, hit em up on social platforms...

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