Alt Hip Hop Artist PK Releases Dope Collab -- "Please Confirm" Feat. Ian Karell + Flying Backwoods

PK is 31 year old alternative hip-hop artist from Tallinn, Estonia. He's been making music since 2003. While he began his career putting rapping mainly in Estonian, he flipped the script about a year ago, and now his new material is in English.  His newest release is entitled "Please Confirm". It is a dope track which fuses metal, cloud rap and alternative rock. The song also features Ian Karell and Flying Backwoods. And he's super geeked out about it, admitting that its "one of the most exciting collabs I have ever done."  The beat is sick, the mix is crazy. The song is genre bending. One minute I feel like I'm at a Green Day concert and the next minute I'm getting Trippie Redd vibes. Listen here:

"And she makes me feel naked"

PK has a lot of experiences that drive his lyrical content and fuel his creatvity. At the young age of 17 years old, he suffered a stroke. But he turned the experience into an opportunity and became the founder of a movement called "parema elu nimel" in Estonia, which translates to "for a better life". He promoted and curated a party series by the same name in 2017-2018, which focused on casting out prejudice. PK believes "everyone has the right to be just the way they are in this world."

PK was one of the first artists in Estonia to make synthy new-school sounding hip-hop and has made 3 studio albums and 3 mixtapes in his native language before turning to English last winter.

You can learn more about PK on his social and streaming platforms...

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