Artist Spotlight: Shirena Parker -- "Keys"

"Keys" is the latest single from singer-songwriter, Shirena Parker. Its an upbeat alternative hip hop song with traces of trap and electro-pop. Beyond Shirena's obvious beauty and lyrical abilities is her unique vocal quality. Her crystal clear voice rings all over the melodic track and pulls at your heart strings. "Keys" connected with me emotionally and musically.

With her angelic voice, you would never believe Shirena's story includes so much pain.  Parker is a war orphan and immigrant refugee. Born in the Middle East, but raised in the Bay Area, Shirena's music tells a story of courage and hope in a unique way that draws in listeners worldwide.

With "Keys" the up-and-coming hip-hop artist is breaking down industry doors showcasing her powerful vocals. The song is a must add to your Spotify playlist. 

"Its hardly my fault, they're here and you're not."


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