Holiday Releases Dope Trap-ish R&B Project -- Vacayomo

Trap-Soul/R&B sensation, Holiday recently dropped a new 10 song album entitled "Vacayomo".  It's an intense, sensual and deeply internal project with some dope vocals and sick beats. It's clear this project resulted from hard work, perfectionism, and Holiday's gifted sense of musicality

"Vacayomo"  has the vibe of Bryson Tiller's "T R A P S O U L" but Holiday's smoothly synthesized vocals are distinct. He gives me a more soulful Drake. 

Slow-tempo production is a hallmark of Holiday’s sound, with atmospheric keys and looming melodies building a world with a dark cloud overhead. The crooner inhabits it with a unique perspective to match his stellar vocals. Drawing off of former flames, he is able to write lyrics that are relatable to the listener while being a therapeutic action for himself. 

"Don't talk to me if you don't mean it"

Standout songs include New New, Wrong Way, and I especially enjoyed Bad Dream.  As a songwriter, Holiday embraces every aspect of R&B that is popping up in new releases, while mixing in his own signature flair that makes his music stand out of the crowd. 

"Got your legs on the ceiling.."

While much may not be known about Holiday, one thing is for certain: he is one of R&B bubbling underground artists who could easily find himself on bigger stages in no time!

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