Kevin Watts Is Running up Streams with New Album "Hello, Farewell"

Kevin Watts is a 25 year old hip hop artist from Southern California, but his sound feels like Atlanta. His new 10 track project, entitled “Hello, Farewell” dropped late last month and is available on all streaming platforms. His sound vibes like the lovechild of Rod Wave and Roddy Rich. And folks are liking what they hear. In the first week cross platform streams did 150,000. And Watts is looking to increase his fan base. 

"Real talk, 
I been tryna get my numbers up
And stay tru to the ones that was there for us."

Listening to "Hello, Farewell", several tracks stood out to me. Victims is a melancholy song that hones in on the grind, the struggle and sometimes loneliness on the road to the top. We livin' in a cold world, and it ain't never gonna warm up." He emphasizes this loneliness in his lyrics, "ya'll don't need to know who I'm alone wit, just know know that I been working on my lonely." 

I also enjoyed Up N Away which features $teve Cannon.  This song is unapologetically positive and celebratory. He spits about the hard work, the haters and the rise from "sleeping in that truck at night " to "now I hop in that Rover."

I really enjoyed the whole album. His music is radio and playlist ready.

"Up n away, up n away, bitch. . ."

The San Diego, California native has been making music about 4 years now, getting his sound tighter as he moves up. "I’ve definitely elevated my sound and was able to put together a project that I felt was strong sonically and that I truly enjoy" Watts explains.

Where do you get the inspiration for your music?

I get inspiration from my father. Watching him raise me as a single father and bust his ass makes me work even harder to get where I’m going.

Who are some of your musical influences?

I’m influenced by a lot of different artists and find myself listening to a little bit of everything. I’d say artists from my city specifically inspire me because we’ve never been given an outlet like other cities have. So when someone catches buzz you know it’s from their grind and their talent. You love to see it.

How did you make the leap from listening to music to making it?

I’ve always used music as self-therapy. It’s always helped me get through things in life... and there’s music for every situation. So once I started making it, the transition was easy. I just make what feels good to me.

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