Philly's Independent Rapper NomiX is Set to Drop Debut Full-Length Project -- "Had To Be There"

All week long, America's eyes have been fixated on Philly.  Suddenly there is this profound interest in the politics and democratic leanings of the people in this northeastern metropolis. Just as President-Elect Joe Biden said that  "all votes must be counted" because they represent the voice of the people, all people must be heard. And one of the ways in which the unheard have amplified their plight is through music. NomiX, an independent rapper out of Philadelphia, is doing just that. The versatile artist who formulated his own genre, which he describes as "sort of an educated-ignorant-political-trap-soul," is now releasing his debut album entitled "Had To Be There". 

"Got a lot of shit on my mind. I'm tired of fightin' demons.."

"Had To Be There" is set to be released on November 19th, but I was able to hear a lil taste of what NomiX is about to drop, and it's authentic and unfiltered rap music.  His lyrics and flow follow a classic framework -- keep it real. He speaks to what he knows and is living. 

NomiX has always been a natural lyricist. Through his trials and tribulations -- from being a father of 5, hustler, and a rapper -- NomiX found a way to articulate it all through his music.

This is just his debut, but he spits like a seasoned-veteran.  Listening to the album, I quickly got the feeling that this new comer has the taste of that real hip-hop essence, with the perfect blend of outstanding versatility and consciously aware witty wordplay. 

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