Samuel Lavon Releases Unique 14-Track Album, 'The 10 Year Collage'

Samuel Lavon is a musically creative Hip-Hop/R&B artist who just put out a new album entitled, "The 10 Year Collage".  The title comes from Lavon's desire to talk about all that he's been going through over the last decade.  The album is unique in that he puts together a collection of R&B, Hip Hop, and Pop tracks on one full-bodied project that truly showcases who he is as an artist.

Originally from Statesboro, Georgia, Samuel Lavon now calls Austin, Texas home. Ever since he was a little boy, music has been his passion. He grew up auditioning and singing in talent shows. While it was financially difficult for Lavon's family to support his dreams, that never paused his desire to share his musical gifts with the world. His new album shares an inspiration message of equality, pride, and gratitude.  

"The 10 Year College" contains 14 original songs. There are a few standout tracks including No HeroesRespect LoveMemba Dat, and Bernadine. You can listen to the whole album here:

Lavon throws his hands into the rap arena with No Heroes. The beat is dope and he showcases his classic old-school flow. "Guess I'll never get put on, cause I don't sound like Drake or Big Sean... Lemme pull out my Lil Uzi Vert, make all you muthaf*ckas out here go skurt." The track also features Bailey K.

Respect Love is a delicious interlude that highlights relationships that are considered out of the norm. It was based on a poem by one of Samuel Lavon's friends. The track's vocals have a electro/robotic feel, but there is a beautiful melodic accompaniment that reflects the song's heartfelt lyrics,"my love is odd and un-welcomed here." 

"I memba dat time when you threw me away, I memba dat time I couldn't be in your space."

Memba Dat, which is also the album's uplifting lead single, reflects back on a time when Samuel felt invisible and not treated well. He happily raps about not holding grudges, but also not forgetting. The song has the feel and quality of a bygone era in hip hop where you could actually understand and connect with the lyrics. Lavon's laid back, slow-flow delivery reminds me of the late Heavy D  and his confidence gives off a slight hint of Azealia Banks in her song Anna Wintour.  There are also a couple sick moments in the song where the vocal harmonies played tricks on me, and I thought it was a sample of Afroman's Because I Got High.

"Put a gate in my way, Imma burn it down..."

Bernadine is an upbeat track that has a house/alternative hip hop feel. The message of resilience, defiance and strength is evident in the percussive sounds of drums and xylophone, and powerful words that accompany, "Get out my face, bitch, move around... Call me Bernadine cuz Imma burn it down."

The 10 Year Collage is well put together and has some great creative notes. At 34, Samuel Lavon has found his voice, his style, and his groove. 

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