SV & Gage Drop Dope Hip Hop Album, 'Moonbase SVG'

This past week, I got the pleasure of listening to a dope rap project from a cool hip hop duo, SV & Gage. SV is a producer from Boston, Massachusetts and Gage is a lyricist from St. Louis, Missouri, and together they put out a full-length album aptly titled, Moonbase SVG. It officially drops Nov. 21st, but I got that exclusive listening experience. You need to check it out.

After you get through the far out intro, the album dives straight in with  a sick classic beat and nice loop that give the track, "Earth Doo Doo" a raw, old-school, Bronx underground rap vibe. I love it. "Need a one way ticket off this earth voodoo." SV & Gage follow up with "Space Trainers"; here we have an LL Cool J-ish smooth rap type vibe that's mad chill and  make this track fun to listen to. 

Fast forward to "Moon City". It's clear that this duo understand the beauty of the classic rap era. It's almost unbelievable that they only used a couple samples on the whole album. The sound is so reminiscent of Nas, 90s R&B, Mos Def, Tribe, and the kind of hip hop I grew up on.

Other tracks I enjoyed are "Moonbase SVG" and "Fall in Love".

"I can grant your every single space wish,
We can hold hands and 
moon dance in my space ship
We can stay up late, 
watch movies and space kiss"

Stream the Moonbase SVG:

How do you describe your sound?
I would say its sounds kind of like moon / space synth boom bap hip hop, with lyrics in the Sci-Fi hip hop category (if there is one?)...

What does your music say? How is it unique?
Well on this album, we tried to create something different, original, with its own sound and we wanted to do something cohesive, and that told a story. Most of the album is original synths, only 1 or 2 tracks contain samples.

Who did you listen to coming up? What are your musical influences?
Gage and I's influences are A Tribe called Quest, De La Soul, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Gang Starr. 

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