T.R.I.H Sets a Dark Tone with New Album, "MANSON"

T.R.I.H is an up-and-coming hip hop artist straight outta Jersey. The 21 year old rapper was born and raised in Paterson, NJ. Mixing sounds of backpack rap, LoFi and Trap his new album entitled "Manson" is out now.  The 11 track project definitely has a couple songs I would wanna throw on my playlist. I'm an emo kinda guy, so Losing Interest definitely resonates with me. But there's something on here for everyone. Overall, T.R.I.H's sound is very dark, yet also incredibly revealing. You definitely get a sense of who he is as an artist and where he's going with his style.

"Got a new bag, and they mad as f*ck!"

Forrest mixes the guitar vibes and energy of hard rock with hardcore rhymes to deliver a dark theme that continues into the next song Manson, "why do you love me, you know I'm evil." T.R.I.H's perspective is unique in that he makes music that reflects what he feels without caving into what the media assumes hip hop should sound like.  

Losing Interest reveals the rapper's vulnerability in his love life; he's receiving mixed messages and wants some clarity.

 "I swear girl, if you leave,  just let me know so I wont look dumb, when you move on..."

There is a melodic dissonance in the track, Devil that intentionally yet subtly disturbs the listener. I guess in that sense, the title kinda makes sense.  Other standout tracks on the album include Boxcar (check out the music video at the top of this post) and Perfecto Miserable.  

In addition to making music, the multifaceted artist also appeared in his first feature film, “About A Teacher”  which is live on Amazon Video and Vimeo. 



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