Trileon ThaGod Pushes New Single, "Gold Mack"

Trileon ThaGod is an American recording artist, songwriter and producer. His latest release entitled "Gold Mack" is an engaging rap narrative of a man who's "been around since the intro" and has been to hell and back, putting in hard work despite "seeing niggas plottin'". And  Trileon's music definitely reflects on his experience living in the ghetto. He was born and raised in the notorious Queensbridge Projects, the same hood rappers Nas and Mobb Deep came up in. 

"Please don't play me close 
if you don't know me, 
Niggas never put in work, 
How he ya homie?"

His rich voice, steady flow, and classic delivery all help to make this track official. And the video for "Gold Mack"  is hilarious and definitely original. 

He's also release 12 studio mixtapes and have been featured​ on numerous various projects. Trileon recorded hundreds of songs with hundreds of features. "Gold Mack " is now available on YouTube and on all major streaming platforms.

IG: @Trileon
FB : @Trileon.ThaGod


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