Yourz Truly Drops New Inspirational EP - Peace & Blessings

As we get ready to enter the final month of this craaaaaazy year, it's time to start reflecting on how we've spent 2020, what lies ahead, and how we can grow in 2021. During this season of reflection and projection, its always dope if you can connect with something greater than yourself... especially after the turbulent year we've had. 

To help you turn up the music and jump into the holiday season, Hip-Hop/R&B artist Yourz Truly has released a new EP entitled Peace & Blessings. All 5 songs on this project deliver a message of inspiration and positivity.  "2 Be Loved" is a beautiful melodic ballad about being loved by a higher power... "this feeling I cant explain, oh its a beautiful thing to be loved."

"Begin and end my days with prayer,
Cuz nothing's guaranteed out there..."

Yourz Truly hails from hip-hop music  powerhouse, Atlanta, Georgia. While other artists tip-toe around originality, Yourz Truly spends his time developing his song material and craft. The result is a body of work that makes his sound and style unique, separating him from the majority of crowd. 

Another song on the Peace & Blessings EP that I  really enjoyed is "Back Against The Wall". On this track, Yourz Truly showcases his rapping skills as he spits, "cause he watches over all, know that's someone you can call when your back's against the wall."

From R&B to Hip Hop, this brother has truly found a way to create his own sound in the landscape of urban music. And he's telling his story though his own lens. You can listen to the Peace & Blessings project here:

You can check him out on social and streaming platforms...


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