Florida Rapper, Fresh Soul Set To Release Dope New Album, 'Polk County Baby'

Usually, when melody and soul meet, you get a deliciously smooth sound that's music to the ears. After hearing the 10 track project by rap/soul artist, Fresh Soul, I found myself feeling something different; it felt new and distinct, yet largely indescribable. So, I dove deeper; I needed to know the artist himself... about his music, his creative process, and the album, Polk County Baby which drops on 12/25/2020, Christmas day.

On the outskirts of the in-crowd sits a group of extremists. Excluded from the “cool” clique but far too esteemed to be considered outcasts are the MisFits. Fresh Soul, “Public Misfit number 1”, simply put is musically impressive, thought-provoking and genuinely enjoyable for anyone with an ear. With unscripted calculated lyrics drenched in a southern drawl infested melodic tone; the music seems to travel from your earlobes into your heart; sending you into the deepest corners of your mind. 

With subtle elements of LoFi, a mix of trap beats, and R&B type hooks, in Polk County Baby, Fresh Soul takes us from A to Z from riding in the hatchback to getting on his grind and getting his paper up. The sound is foreign; definitely in a field of its own. Whoever gets stuck labeling the official genre of Fresh Soul is in for a real dilemma because to call it rap seems to be an understatement; but there’s far too much pain and range in the content to throw an R&B label on him either. He describes his sound as, “M&S” (melody and soul).

Born in Winter Haven, Florida to a Baptist pastor and a school teacher, Soul grew up in a cross between multiple worlds. While he was exposed to the allure of the streets, his upbringing instilled the importance of education, scholastic pursuits and religion. Needless to say, he tried them all. None of them filling the void with purpose and direction; he continued to search. The streets became a playground; school became a joke and religion was required to live in his father’s house. After graduating in 2008, he pulled a short college stint in Melbourne, Fl. but after losing a full scholarship due to poor attendance and academic performance he dropped out. The first time. In 2014, after years of aimless attempts to excel illegally Soul shifted directions and was ordained as a Baptist minister. Now, a six time college dropout still trying to feel his way through who he was he set out to open his own storefront church. Religion soon proved to be as empty and heartless as the streets; he walked away from the church confused and in doubt of his entire existence in 2018.

Throughout the album, there are little nuggets that give glimpses into the multifaceted artist's story. This is most effective in two of his tracks. On "Memory" Fresh Soul makes subtle references to religion, drugs, and violence all while giving me a Bone Thugs and Harmony type vibe. The song's slow-moving piano loop helps to set a counterbalance to Soul's fast paced rap flow. "Cappin" is a sick trap soul-ish track that hits on honesty, trust, and betrayal. Musically, the high-hats on the beat are well placed between a very instrumental backdrop that allow his lyrics to really shine.   

Fresh Soul found himself in his garage sifting through old pictures and papers, when he stumbled across a stage play he’d began writing based loosely on his adult life. He finished the production and presented it in May 2019 in Ocala, Fl. dropping a soundtrack to accompany it. Now following up with his album, Polk County Baby he aims to back the claim of being a relevant voice in the dark ages.

One of my faves on this project is "Know". It's a song about a guy asking for a meeting of the minds with his girl, or in other words, just clearer communication. It has a nice little hook and a catchy chorus. 

"I just need to know what we doing before I get involved."
What drives your content?
The passion to create. Only a coward has something to say and doesn’t say it. Real authentic interaction and reflection is what drives the content. 

What’s the story behind this project? 
Polk County Baby is an album that is special to me because I am from Polk County Florida (Winter Haven, FL.) but I’ve been living in North Florida for years. The project and the merch are all heavy shot outs to the place where it started for me.

Who did you listen to coming up? 
Lil Wayne, Eminem, OutKast, Young Dro

What’s your definition of an O.G? 
Someone who started out a YG, studied, made mistakes, stayed the course, never told, took losses, owned up to his own inconsistency's and made the necessary corrections to win for the family. It’s what we call being a “Misfit” in this flaw world.

Who are your top 3? 
Andre 3K, Eminem, Drake

What’s your lowkey addiction?
Weed & money are my only addictions lol.

Dream collab? 
J. Cole

S O C I A L  +  S T R E A M I N G
Instagram: @misfit_fsoul
Youtube: https://youtube.com/c/FreshSoul1misfit

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