Florida Rapper, SLM Jay Drops New Boomin Single, "Won't Be None"

South Florida has been on the map for hip hop for a while. But its influence as a breeding ground for rising rap artists is quickly solidifying. From the success of the City Girls to Love & Hip Hop Miami, Florida is in full bloom right now, but there's still room for new young rap artists to rise up from the sunshine state. One such artist is a 21 year old from Broward County who is known in the rap community as Soundz Like Money Jay.   

SLM JAY just released a hot new single entitled "Won't Be None". Straight out the gate, the beat drops and it has a trance effect. Then you hear this young, confident emcee start spitting some raw lyrics. Both the beat and Jay's flow are unique and add something new to the genre. With a strong showing of courageous creativity, it's clear that he is determined to be around in the game for a long time to come. 

"This club is lit if I can get in with my gun..."

The single has been picking up lots of steam since its initial release on December 16th.  The visual receiving over 12k views on YouTube in just one week, and there is no sign of it slowing down. Many of the top tastemakers and influential DJs in Florida have been pushing the single at the top night clubs and strip clubs in the state. 

"Won't Be None" is a song packed with all the elements of a hit record, perfectly fitting to turn up a party and move a crowd. Add to that the finesse and charm of a young Drake, and SLM Jay will probably gain new supporters and listeners with every person he meets or that listens to his music. 

Who or what inspired you to become a rapper?

Tell me about the song. Whats it about? How did it come about?
The song is about "don't start none it wont be none" basically if you don't start anything then there wont be anything to start.

How was your home life growing up? What influence does it have on your content?
My life growing up wasn't easy but it wasn't hard either... like any city there are bad things and good things. The influence it had on my content was I wanted to be different from everyone else... I wanted to make music from the soul; not from the streets.

Describe your dream collab. . .
My dream collab would have to be Drake because he's consistent and matches my type of music delivery and energy.

How has the pandemic influenced your creative process?
The pandemic helped me open my mind more to find my true inner artist character and who I want to be and will be in the future.

In your opinion, what influence does South Florida have in hip hop right now?
Florida is a party state, so it generates artists to get listened to in the clubs and parties... in other words, get a buzz.

S O C I A L  +  S T R E A M I N G 
You can stream "Won't Be None" all major platforms and watch the visual on YouTube. You can also follow him on social media.


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