Hip Hop Artist, Chames Releases Poetic "Book of Jon"

Chames is a hip-hop artist from Harrisburg, PA who has been writing songs and poetry since the tender age of 10. He's set himself apart from the pack with his lyrics and substance. Profound content has always been at the forefront of his music, even at a young age.  

Perhaps Chames' strength as a lyricist is in some part due to his his early influences. Growing up, he rocked with hip-hop legends like Jay-Z, Nas, and Rakim. His latest project, entitled The Book of Jon,  is both devotional and inspirational. The Christian rapper delivers a seven track, highly instrumental album filled with hope, truth, "the peace of God" and dope, poetically strewn verses. One of my favorite songs on the album is "Holy Help".  The timely track references the #BlackLivesMatter movement, black on black crime , and suicide.

"Another black body slain in the streets by the hands of police, I am praying for peace." 

When you listen to Chames, expect to hear everything from introspection, to ego-driven lyrics, to spirituality. Expect to hear the plight and triumphs of a young adult trying to navigate his way through life as he is honest with all of the thoughts and emotions that come along with it whether they be good and bad.  Another standout on the album is "The Kaep in Me" which is an inspirational anthem that shoutouts the powerful backbone actions of Colin Kaepernick taking a knee. It is set to a smooth jazz background against the rapper's barrier breaking words,  "I ain't standing for anything; that's the Kaep in me."

"What me and God be discussing doesn't involve premonitions..."

Regardless of the subject matter, he always finds a way to bring it back to his faith in God and how he intends to move forward in life as a follower of the teachings of Jesus. "The Book of Jon" is a Christian rap album I can rock with. It feels positive without being too churchy, and what I related to more than anything is the authenticity of Chames spitting his truth.


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