R&B Songstress Ramiah's EP, 'For Love' Hits the Mark

Ramiah is a 20 year old singer who was born and raised in Florida. The Jacksonville native has been singing since she was 2 years old. Her new EP, For Love "is an expressive project in relation to the love you have for your partner", she explains. But for me, it was an experience. I loved this project from beginning to end. 

"Good" feels like an afro-beats + neo-soul mashup.  Ramiah's vocals are heartfelt in this song as she sings about how she fell in love. "Set Free" is a beautiful progressive R&B ballad with a nice touch of piano accompaniment. On this track, Ramiah unleashes her powerful voice as she soulfully sings about wanting to be set free, "don't wanna be a prisoner begging for love." 

"I'm dreaming cuz you is amazing."

"Sane" has a more progressive, contemporary feel. This song is radio and playlist quality. And we get to hear the full range of the singer's vocals on this song. I can relate to this one because I have been a fool for love; love often makes us do crazy things. 

The final song on the EP is "Tomorrow" Ft. Justin Time The Rookie. On this joint, Ramiah takes it back to the early 2000s sound. This song reminds me of Nivea and early Ciara. I had to put this one on repeat. 

You can stream For Love on Spotify for yourself:  

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