SplvshBroMarez is "Setting Sail"

Torrey Rouson, best known as  SplvshBroMarez, is a 25 year old up-and-coming rapper. Born and raised in North Carolina, the Charlotte native has experienced poverty and didn't always do right, but those struggles and lessons come out in his music. 

"My lyrics are influenced by life situations I've personally experienced such as growing up in poverty, heartbreaks and many bad decisions I've made. But most importantly... me speaking my dream into existence through my music." He revealed. 

"I tell my baby one day I'm gon' make it. Remember this day, exactly this way..."

On Christmas day, the self-driven rapper released a new track entitled "Setting Sail." The song exemplifies his masterful writing ability with some sick ass verses and well thought-out lyrics, "time to make the move, put the play in acton". The beat rocks, and his flow is pretty solid. Check out the visual below:

He may be from the South, but SplvshBroMarez is no trap artist. And While Splvsh credits Nipsey Hussle, Tory Lanez, and Travis Porter with being his hip hop staples coming up, he has a bubbling east coast artist sound that is only just getting buzzed. Stay tuned. 



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