Steve Ryan is on a "Spaceship to Famous"

Steve Ryan has no ordinary story to tell. He grew up in Los Angeles, California where he was raised by a single mother. When he was 12 years old, Steve inherited an adult sex shop and an impressive real estate portfolio in Inglewood, CA after his uncle was arrested for robbing a bank and his grandfather was sent to prison for loan sharking and extortion.  These experiences have no doubt shaped his perspective and colored his unique hip-hop sound.  

His latest release, entitled Spaceship to Famous, is an electric hip-hop, outta-the-box track. This song is unique and fun to audibly experience. It has elements of dubstep, EDM, and LoFi. Its definitely worth a listen. 

Steve vibes different. The artist has no biological family but has many close friends that support him. Steve is always positive and many try to feed off that energy he has. He’s very "vibey" but not a try hard. He’s simply a natural. His artwork is a long bottled up anger that is finally being released.



Instagram: @steveryang


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