Toronto's Kid Kole Releases Debut EP, 'You Don't Know Nothing Bout Love'

I never thought I'd be getting relationship advice from a song, but as I sit in my hi-rise apartment alone this holiday season, I realize that I sat on this same couch last year stretched out by myself. I've been single for far too long and perhaps I'm not the best at this love stuff. So, I immediately connected when I heard the latest project by the 21-year-old artist from Toronto, Canada, Kid Kole. His recently released EP, You Don't Know Nothing Bout Love, is a 6 song project that is best described as an amalgamation of LoFi hip-hop, emo-soul and alt-trap.  

"I Hope You Understand" is a quick introductory emotional ballad that sets the mood for this project. Vocally, Kole is solid; lyrically, his words are far more than one would expect from an artist his age.

"I have been recording music since I was 15, and always knew that this is what I wanted." With the release of my new album, 'You Don't Know Nothing Bout Love',  the young artist is finally able to show-off the range of his artistic ability. 

"I loved it when you called my name, just to make sure I was listening"

"From trap to pop and everything in between, I have consistently made what I have wanted to make and what I love, and that is the most important to me" Kole explains. 

Other standout tracks include "You Don't Know Nothing Bout Love" and "Missed Calls". 

This album is for anyone who has suffered heartbreak and just needs to hear it from someone else. Luckily, that someone else has put it into music. 'You Don't Know Nothing Bout Love' is simply made for anyone who needs to feel that deep emotional connection to music.

S O C I A L  +  S T R E A M I N G 

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