$urferr Gold Drops NEW Visual +Single -- 'Devil Son'

Emo, trappy, and mysterious are the words I'll use to describe the latest release by Mexico based hip-hop artist, $urferr Gold.  It's called Devil Son and the creative new single and music video are posed to get him some major buzz with the song's unique, captivating visuals and Gold's deeply connective yet super dark lyrics. 

"More than a man, I'm a G-O-D." 

"All my niggas, yeah.. they carry heat, like the devil's son."
$urferr Gold is a young rapper who 
came up in Atlanta's rap scene. Though he's originally from the Motor City, $urferr moved to Atlanta as a jit.  And for the past year, the rapper has been exploring the world, using Mexico City, Mexico as his base.  

He's been using his time abroad to wet his musical palate, exposing himself to  number of other countries and cultures all while continuing to hone his music craft by creating potent music that fans crave. All one has to do is listen to the music, and the work speaks for itself. As he said in his track, Devil Son,  "all my life, I been knowing that I'm number one."

S O C I A L  +  S T R E A M I N G  =


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