Young Liquid Drops Dope Mixtape: 'Drug Dealers Delight'

Young Liquid is a mogul in the making. The rap artist and hip-hop music executive just dropped a 🔥 mixtape entitled Drug Dealers Delight. 

The Atlanta native and CEO of 726 Entertainment is constantly pushing out fresh lyrical content, and this project does not disappoint. My favorite song is "Dope Boy". The beat is sick, the chorus hits hard, and Young Liquid pops off with some  dope lyrics and his party-trap flow..."the money coming, I'm flipping these bitches."

"All my niggas untouchables, living life like the Huxtables."

Another track that goes hard is "726Freestyle".  You definitely wanna fuck with this mixtape.

"Money the only thing that give me a boner."

This 10 track mixtape was released on 
Dec 5th, 2020 and is available for download on @Mymixtapez.

S O C I A L  + S T R E A M I NG
Twitter :@Youngliquidmue
Instagram: @zodagoat726
YouTube: 1Youngliquid

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