Album Review: Bruce LaRondé 'Cause To Rebel'

28 year old hip hop artist, Bruce LaRond has big dreams. After years of helping other artists make names for themselves in the music industry, he's ready to unleash his own voice. For years, as CEO of Rebel Soulz Entertainment,  LaRondé wrote and produced for some of NC's top artists.  A few months ago, he released his first studio album entitled "Cause To Rebel", and he is making international waves. 

Since its' debut, LaRondé's album has been streamed in over 40 countries. One part rap soul, one part alt-hip hop, with a splash of progressive r&b, "Cause to Rebel" is a creative new-age concoction of music that deserves all the attention it's getting. It's a story of love, pain and ambition. The album has racked up more than 20k streams since it dropped.

Born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, the arts was all around him.  His father is a jazz musician, and his mom, a modern dancer.

"I never trusted a soul, somehow I still believed you."

With a flow like Nas set to an instrumental track that oozes  the seductiveness of Sade meets The Weeknd, "The Plan" sets the mood for Bruce LaRondé's project.  

Other songs like "Dirty Deeds" and "Ode to KJ" highlight his skills as a lyricist and songwriter.  Overall,  "Cause to Rebel" is wavy and definitely worth checking out.


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