Artist Spotlight: Jake Tuvek - "Something"

Jake Tuvek is 22 year old rapper making cool and creative tunes the best way he know how --in his bedroom! Like Lil Nas X, all you need is a laptop and a little bit of inspiration and you can be creating the next banger from the bed. He just released a new single entitled, "Something. It has a homegrown, acoustic feel. Its as if Justin Bieber /Austin Mahone meets trap-country... but in an authentic kinda way. 

From the moment the track drops, I already knew it was something unique. Mixing the acoustic/ almost country vibe with emo-trap and pop elements, the song is buzzy.  

"You got me thinking, mind is spinnin' living life without you..."

He's a native New Englander (from Massachusetts, but now lives in Suffield, Connecticut). "I've made a lot of memories in both," he says. 

Listening to "Something", it doesn't fit neatly into a box, but neither does Tuvek; he moves different.  "Music is my everyday grind and yea it's risky going all in on something that .02% of people 'make it' in, but I think that's just because only .02% people don't give up!"

Listen to it here:

Instagram: @jake_tuvek/


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