Artist Spotlight: KILLARONH -- "Purple Thriller 2"

Aaron Sherrard Lucas is a rapper known to most folk in the music industry as KILLAHRONH. His musical ability is top shelf. As a youth, he accompanied his mother to choir practice in Watts, California where he subconsciously soaked up the teachings from the choir director.  That musicianship never left... 

In his twenties,  KILLAHRONH enhanced his signature ability as a drummer in the two-piece indie rock band Skidward, and then being a drummer in the five-piece hip hop/electro/rock band, Live From LA. 

KILLAHRONH has acquired and developed a signature ability known as "The Golden Ear of Van Gogh".  This is a recognition of timing, catchiness, pitch, levels, clean vocals, and essentially music that is easy on the ears, but addicting.  

"Wake up about 6 in the morning. She got her hand on my junk but she snoring..."

His latest release is a full-length 17 track album entitled "Purple Thriller 2". Songs like Eggplant, Wisteria, and Introverted Irises give off  Cali vibes. The sound is laid back and easy to rock with. The album dances around other genres like alternative and rock, but the rap flow is straight West Coast hip hop. 

You can check out the whole album on all major platforms here:








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