Artist Spotlight: Oddie Talks Trap Metal, Writing with His Feelings, and New Single "No God"

Winfred Harrell, known professionally as Oddie,  is an American songwriter, song producer, performer, and entrepreneur. Oddie was born in Queens, New York but moved to Dallas, Texas at the age of 8. At 15, he kicked off his music career rapping and writing songs  under the moniker, Freddy P.  "I was inspired by a Chamillionaire freestyle," he explained.

After having 3 kids, life slowed him down. He relocated to Idaho and took a break from music. 

With a reinvented style he says is "the real me, " Oddie is re-emerging onto the music scene with new music he calls "trap metal." 

His new single just dropped on Spotify.  Entitled "No God", the track definitely gives off a heavy metal vibe, but Oddie's flow is still delivered in a classic rap style. This could make the song palatable to an even broader audience. It kinda gives me a Beastie Boys feel. 

Inspired by Blink 182, Marilyn Manson, and Lil Peep, his genre relm is emo-pop and grunge music. "I do not create music based on a specific sound, I write my music with a mix of all genres but mainly I write with my feelings," he revealed. 

"She said she love me but she lied. I took her back 2 more times"

When asked why he jumped back into music he replied,  "because it is therapeutic for me. Songwriting is my personal therapy and I hope to find a fan base that can benefit from knowing other people out here feel the same way as they do. Bottom line I do music for me in hopes to connect to others."



Spotify: OddieBoy


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