Brooklyn Rapper, Shavar Drops 'Good Day' Ft. Zach Carter, Releases New Visual for 'Championship' [VIDEO]

Rubin Stuckey, known professionally as Shavar, is a rapper, music producer, singer, and songwriter. He's been referred to as “The Golden Child” of the new age hip hop. His new song, "Championship" blends the Brooklyn drill sound with hard hitting rap vibes. Listening to his flow, you can hear the both struggle and triumph in his story. 

Born on the floor in a NYC public housing project apartment in Brownsville, the Brooklyn native had it rough from his early beginnings. Shavar was raised by multiple family members house to house after losing both parents at a young age. He grew up in East New York and was heavily influenced by the street life and his environment.  He bounced around, attending multiple high schools and at the age 14 to attend multiple high schools and Job Corps.

Hiphop Legends From Notorious Big, Jay -Z, Nas and 2pac shaped his sound of rap. With 2 new singles out, Shavar is on a path to greatness. "Championship" and "Good Day" 
show the versatility of this a well versed artist. 

"You know lowkey that the police and the COs they be banging"


Instagram: @shavarsmn
Twitter: @shavarsmn


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